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Mediation vs Collaborative divorce: Which one is right for you?

Mediation vs collaborative divorce

Fortunately, litigation is not the only option for divorce. There are 2 other alternatives that allow parties to develop their own out of court settlement with the help of third parties. These options – mediation and collaborative divorce –provide a faster and more cooperative environment for resolving disputes and moving on after divorce. Which choice Read More

Divorce does not have to be a blood bath

image-divorce blood bath with dripping heart

There are many reasons why people decide to stay in an unhappy marriage – fear, complacency, hope, and obligation to name a few. The longer I practice in this area, the more I realize that a fast growing reason is fear of the judicial system and the pre-conceived notion that every divorce must be or Read More

When it comes to divorce “fake news” is old news

Fake News is Old News in Divorce

In our current political climate,” fake news” is constantly being reported. Unfortunately, the concept of making statements of “fact” with no supporting evidence which then requires others to prove the non-existence of an alleged act happens in other settings beside politics. The parties to a litigated divorce often find themselves in the same position. This Read More

Collaborative law: A better approach to divorce for families

Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped. marital problem

“If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.” – Abraham H. Maslow When the hammer of justice strikes in the context of divorce litigation, destruction of a family in transition can often be the unnecessary, unintended and undesirable result. The legal system is designed to produce a winner and a loser, Read More

I’m done! Why isn’t this over yet?


If I had a dime for every time a client has said with exasperation “I am done with this marriage! Why am I not  divorced yet?”, I would be a very wealthy woman who no longer spends her days providing the explanation. The journey to divorce occurs simultaneously on two very different paths.  There is the psychological divorce Read More

Divorce: not a “one size fits all”

not one size fits all

So, here you find yourself….the decision to divorce has been made either by you or for you. You have heard all the horrendous war stories of family, friends and neighbors and fear has firmly taken root in the pit of your stomach. BREATHE… you have options.  Not all roads lead to war. CHOICE #1 - COLLABORATIVE LAW You and your Read More