The very first thing we want to know is what is important to you. What are your goals? What are your fears? What questions do you have? We fully appreciate that your financial and emotional realities are shifting and fear can have a paralytic effect.

We will provide you with knowledge that enables you to replace fear with confidence. We fully appreciate that this is your life, not ours, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients play an integral role in the determination of their future. We know that divorce is not a “one size fits all journey”, and like fingerprints, no two are identical. Accordingly, we strive to assist you by providing several process options including litigation, mediation and collaborative law and guide you through the particular process choice that best suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals in the most timely, cost effective and least emotionally taxing manner.

We will explain the law and how it applies to you, clarify your priorities and present you with likely outcomes and viable options to achieve your goals. By ensuring that you have a full understanding of the process you are undergoing you will become empowered to make sound decisions for your future. You will find our representation to be goal oriented and bottom line focused. There will be critical decisions that need to be made and from the inception, our representation will be driven by our knowledge of the law and your vision for the future. We have a keen appreciation for the fact that the decisions we make together in this process have a profound effect not only your future, but that of your children. When the unexpected happens and you are taken off course, our determination, experience and dedication will see you through. We take great pride in the strong, reliable and highly effective representation that our clients have come to trust.